You must download and complete the information sheet. You can send it by email or hand it upon arrival. Reservations are required either: * Via website form, * By phone, * By Mail,

During periods of rain, the massif is closed for several days.

Hikes are cancelled in case of rain. Access to the Alpilles massif is regulated from 1/6 to 30/9. This means: We could only confirm hiking the day before, around 6:30 PM.

During these rainy periods, hikes are not allowed for several days.

When booking, WE send a rental contract (for donkeys).the contract must be completed and signed. You must give it to us upon arrival with the payment (check or cash).

For group hikes, dogs are not allowed.

Please provide footwear suitable for walking. During the summer, plan a hat or something to protect you from the sun, sunscreen, and enough water (Donkey will carry it in the saddlebags).